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Windows 7 and the amount of developers of linux

The marker Israel publishes a translated article from IDG were they mention that Microsoft has about 2000 people working on the next generation of Windows, 500 hundred people are in charge of the 2000 developers. And my guess is that Microsoft will have triple the amount of people selling (or trying to sell that operating system).

Debian has about 1000 developers, but much much more contributors, who test, integrated and propose improvements. And that’s just the number of people who actually work on the Debian project itself. Debian comes with about 18,000 software packages, which are developed by people outside of Debian project. The number of Kernel developers is about the same today (~1000), and let’s be humble about the number of people developing all the other programs used in Debian and say that only one person is writing each program. That brings us to about at least 15,000 people who contribute code, time ideas and effort to Debian.

No wonder Debian is so great. Eventually open source will win, you guys in Redmond have to understand: there is no future for propriety software…

Pirat Penguin…

Somebody raised the question where you can get a pirate flag in the israeli linux forum, so here is my little contribution the the question:

and another one

of course I used Inkscape to produce these images…

My story with Linux, Part 1.

My story with Debian GNU\Linux is a true love story. At least for the time being. This post is dedicated to describe how I got “here”. “Here” is my relationship with Debian on my laptop, and this post will also describe what I can or can’t do with my Debian GNU\Linux and will be like a long going bug report, hopefully this will help someone resolve those bugs with time.

I’ve started using Linux about 3.5 years ago. My first installation was Mandriva 2005 LE. I loved it, I enjoyed the beautiful KDE 3.5 desktop they had. But this was on an old desktop I had. I wanted it on my laptop, HP compaq nx6110. After a few days of struggling with setting up wifi, I decided to install Fedora 3.

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A quick tip: How to pause ubuntu upgrade tool

I’ve been upgrading my ubuntu laptop since ubuntu 6.06, even though sometimes I break my installation and need to do a clean install… Never the less I think ubuntu’s upgrade tool has no second in the linux world. It is mostly a reliable tool and usually does the job. But there is one thing that always annoyed me about it. Once you get it running you can’t stop it, and if you stop it cleans all the packages downloaded. It’s really annoying because when it runs it completely over takes the net usage and other net applications. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s not the Gates, it’s the bars

The BBC publishes an important article by Richard Stallman. I felt this is so important and true it has to be copied an published here fully:

To pay so much attention to Bill Gates’ retirement is missing the point. What really matters is not Gates, nor Microsoft, but the unethical system of restrictions that Microsoft, like many other software companies, imposes on its customers.

That statement may surprise you, since most people interested in computers have strong feelings about Microsoft. Businessmen and their tame politicians admire its success in building an empire over so many computer users.

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KDE and layout switch

Unfortunately many DE’s suck for that reason: Developer’s just ignore users. Personally, I like KDE, but I don’t use it. Never. Why ? Because KDE developers will not fix the bug which prevents normal keyboard layout change. As a Hebrew user I have to install KKBSwitch to solve this problem and edit xorg.conf. And that my friend is just stupid.

Oh, anyone who’s knows what’s what about a Linux desktop can put it together. Joe User, however, will be utterly bewildered by the process.

I resent KDE for that simple reason, many times I try to use it and get pissed of to see they haven’t fixed that bug which was reported about 3 years ago. I don’t even know if they fixed it in KDE4 because they made me so upset with them I don’ t even bother to check.

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