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Data analysis with Programming

Last time I wrote about the disadventages of using a spreadsheet program to analyze large amounts of data, espcially when it comes to important data. Well, as I already said I decided to learn some programming language to do the task. So last week I was working on my homework in the course of Oceanography. Our teacher gave us an excel file containing oceanographic data from the Red Sea, Golf of Eilat (or Aqaba if you prefer). Our task was to present graphs of salinty and potential temperatue, and potential vs. pressure and do some oher calculations regarding our course. So I found my self dragging my mouse endlessly and fighting with excel to plot those graphs. I personally prefer working with Gnumeric, but this file contained some macros to calculate the potential density of the water. So after I submitted the excercise I decided it is time to learn a programing language to do the mission. Since I aleady know python, I thought that matplotlib will be a good choice.

What can I tell you, learning it and ploting my first graphs was quicker then opening excel any spreadsheet. The website has a really good tutorial and for advanced cases you can always get help from the freindly people on the project’s mailing list.

Here is a short tutorial describing how I did my first oceanographic plot with matplotlib. Read the rest of this entry »

A short post of video guides describing how to edit on Wikipedia

This is a just reminder and collector:

Great american novell

Hebrew text How to from Hebrew Wikipedia

Data analysis with spreatsheets vs. programing interface

In many cases people use programs like excel, gnumeric or openoffice spread sheet to analyze large amounts of data. I always hated excel, and when I switched to Linux about 3 years ago I learned about gnumeric, but I always found it a little bit limited because I couldn’t use macros.

Gradually I learned to program and then I realized that I can process large amount of data with different programming languages. I also encountered programs like Octave and Matlab. So whats the big deal about it ?

Well alot! First of all when you work with spreadsheets you actually work on your data. This can harm important raw data and modify it. In many cases it is not very smart to actually work on your data. Second, I always found the way I plotted graph in spreadsheets very cumbersome.

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KDE and layout switch

Unfortunately many DE’s suck for that reason: Developer’s just ignore users. Personally, I like KDE, but I don’t use it. Never. Why ? Because KDE developers will not fix the bug which prevents normal keyboard layout change. As a Hebrew user I have to install KKBSwitch to solve this problem and edit xorg.conf. And that my friend is just stupid.

Oh, anyone who’s knows what’s what about a Linux desktop can put it together. Joe User, however, will be utterly bewildered by the process.

I resent KDE for that simple reason, many times I try to use it and get pissed of to see they haven’t fixed that bug which was reported about 3 years ago. I don’t even know if they fixed it in KDE4 because they made me so upset with them I don’ t even bother to check.