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In this page you will find a list of publications I wrote regarding various stuff. Currently most of the stuff is my academic works for my B.Sc degree in Geology and Public Policy.

Hopefully soon you will be able to find some more stuff here. Also, currently most of it is written in Hebrew.

Everything here is released under the terms of the CC2.5 license and with the hope it’ll be helpful to someone.

Works for Master’s Courses:

  • Foraminiferal Mg/Ca Paleothermomtery reviewed:

Aid Materials for B.Sc in Geology:

Course Summaries:

Field Trip Summaries:

  • Judean Mountains
  • Northern Negev

Mapping Courses:

  • Introduction to Geological Mapping
  • Mapping of Nahal Tamar and Zafit.

Political Sciecne and Public Policy stuff:

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